Print Some Posters!

The two larger sizes are perfect for printing.

The screen/phone can be printed at sizes of around 6 inches (15 cm), or A6 in conventional paper sizes.

The hi-res versions are designed to be printed at sizes of up to around A1 in size. A standard large poster size is 24 inches by 36 inches, so you can judge how big you can print. And you can probably go larger as well, although if you are printing at A0 size there's a chance you might see some graininess.

Printing at around A1 size will cost around £12 or $18 for full colour on a decent 200gsm paper. Just Google "A1 poster printer" to find a national supplier. Delivery is often around £5 or $8, so you can mitigate this by either ordering more than one poster, or just visiting a local printer. Most local print houses have the facility to print up to A0.

Always make sure they are using vegetable inks!

Alternatively, your home printer will probably make a fairly decent job of printing the posters, especially if they are going to be used in a picture frame (which can hide some of the sins a domestic printer produces).

printing press

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Print, print and print out what you like. Add one to that space on the noticeboard at work. How about that billboard on the way to the café? If there's room and it's legal, print out a few posters and tape them to boards, lamp posts and bus shelters.

4 Give

Got a friend's birthday coming up? Or just want to treat your sister? It's pretty cost effective to print out your favourite posters (even at a professional printers), throw it in a suitable frame and wrap it up - gift sorted!

Quote Of The Day

So it is always preferable to discuss the matter of veganism in a non-judgemental way. Remember that to most people, eating flesh or dairy and using animal products such as leather, wool, and silk, is as normal as breathing air or drinking water. A person who consumes dairy or uses animal products is not necessarily or usually what a recent and unpopular American president labelled an "evil doer."

Gary Francione