About Vegan Posters

Well designed artwork gets noticed, especially if it is printed out and hung on a wall, noticeboard or office cubicle divider. Make it thoughtful as well, and people take an interest.

So we set up Vegan Posters as a way to enable vegans, budding vegans and yet-to-be vegans help spread the word about how awesome it is to be a vegan.

We hope you like the site. We are new to this so if you spot any errors or omissions please let us know. Similarly if you like (or love) anything about this site then let us also know - we aren't averse to a little publicity on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest if you've got a minute too :)

Our hope is that every design created, every poster printed and displayed yields another opportunity of guiding, goading or convincing one extra person to go vegan. And that's got to be a good thing for everyone.

How You Can Help

1 Follow

The success of this project depends on you sharing the artwork we create. If you can, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest (we need to do more on Pinterest!) and you'll find out as soon as we add new poster designs and new quotations from the world's greater thinkers.

2 Share

Then don't forget to share anything you like on your favourite social networks. The more people that see what's being said, the better.

Let's push the message further out there.

3 Print

Print, print and print out what you like. Add one to that space on the noticeboard at work. How about that billboard on the way to the café? If there's room and it's legal, print out a few posters and tape them to boards, lamp posts and bus shelters.

4 Give

Got a friend's birthday coming up? Or just want to treat your sister? It's pretty cost effective to print out your favourite posters (even at a professional printers), throw it in a suitable frame and wrap it up - gift sorted!

Quote Of The Day

We choose to eat meat and have therefore built slaughter houses for the animals and hospitals for us.

Akbarali Jetha