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Women, animals, and other oppressed groups are linked together through intersecting absent referents.

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We distance ourselves from whatever is different by equating it with something we have already objectified.

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To talk about veganism is to threaten the pillars of patriarchy.

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Through butchering, animals become absent referents. Animals in name and body are made absent as animals for meat to exist. Animals' lives precede and enable the existence of meat. If animals are alive they cannot be meat. Thus a dead body replaces the live animal. Without animals there would be no meat eating, yet they are absent from the act of eating meat because they have been transformed into food.

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One does not eat meat without the death of an animal. Live animals are thus the absent referents in the concept of meat. The absent referent permits us to forget about the animal as an independent entity; it also enables us to resist efforts to make animals present.

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One cannot feed on grace and eat animals... In the place of misery, let there be grace.

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Meat, after all, has no power. It is the opposite of power; it is what happens to someone who has no power.

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I would love to see more empathy-based activism rather than positioning the animal rights movement as a "war" against animal oppressors. What if anger isn't the emotion we start with but compassion? If discovering we can live without benefiting from so many of the ways the other species are oppressed is transformative, then why aren't we acting as transformed people? What's our model for activism based on but male-defined criteria: left-brained, argumentative, scoring points? Where's incubation, and silence, and trusting interactions, and creativity? Why are we accepting such a limited model?

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Equality isn't an idea; it is a practice. We practice it when we don't treat other people or other animals as objects. We practice it when we ask 'What are you going through?' and understand that we ask the question because it matters to all of us what some are experiencing.

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Consumption is the fulfillment of oppression, the annihilation of will, of separate identity.

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Care is a radical political situating of ourselves in relationships to others.

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