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Eddie Mah is an animal right's advocate.

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Quotes By Eddie Mah

Veganism is not about eating broccoli! It has become the biggest social justice movement of our time.

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Veganism is not a diet, it is a liberation movement.

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The standard American diet requires a whopping 4,200 gallons of water per day (including animals' drinking water, irrigation of crops, processing, washing, etc.), whereas a vegan diet only requires 300!

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The most powerful lessons in life are also the most hurtful ones.

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The media forgot to mention that 20,000 children died today because we gave their food to factory jailed animals.

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It is not "your meat". It is her life! Go vegan!

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Holocausts begin when man looks at another member of his earthling family and proclaims "I am superior to you".

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Every plant-based meal is an act of protest against injustice.

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Can I change the world? Maybe yes, maybe no. But I will sure give it my best shot. There is just too much suffering to turn a blind eye.

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