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About Rynn Berry

Rynn Berry (January 31, 1945 – January 9, 2014) was an American activist and author of books about vegetarianism. Berry wrote a chapter on the history of the raw food movement for Becoming Raw: The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets, principally written by Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina. He also co-authored, with Chris Abreu-Suzuki, an annual Vegan Guide to New York City, the first exclusively vegetarian guidebook. Rynn Berry's books have been translated into many languages and were reedited numerous times. His book Famous Vegetarians and their Favorite Recipes (1993, 2003) has been compared to Howard Williams's classic The Ethics of Diet. Besides his books, he also wrote entries on vegetarianism and related issues for the Oxford Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink and The Oxford Companion to Food and Drink in America, as well as many articles and interviews published in vegetarian-themed magazines.

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Quotes By Rynn Berry

My perspective of veganism was most affected by learning that the veal calf is a by-product of dairying, and that in essence there is a slice of veal in every glass of what I had thought was an innocuous white liquid - milk.

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