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You, your fellow beings and your planet are at risk. It's time to start questioning "The Way Things Are." Let's end the slaughter and go vegan.

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You can't pick and choose what life is more or less valuable than another. But you can end billions of unnecessary deaths by going vegan.

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When parents feed their kids a vegan diet it's "child abuse". When parents feed their fat kids McDonalds every day it's "their business".

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Veganism isn't a diet. It's the radical suggestion that maybe we should stop sabotaging our future for the sake of a cheese burger.

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The truth has long been met with anger before acceptance. Soon, we'll see eating animal flesh and drinking animal milk as another barbaric relic.

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The one thing that history has repeatedly taught us, that we have repeatedly ignored, is that some lives do not matter more than others.

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The holocaust never ended - it switched species.

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I still don't understand why non-vegans get so hostile when they find out you're vegan. Is it so terrible to oppose animal cruelty?

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"But I only eat a little meat". I can assure you the animal it came from isn't a little dead.

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