A Random Vegan Quote

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I know you have the capability to understand right from wrong because you hate people who harm children. Well, why not despise people who harm animals? It's hypocritical! Why protect one and violate the other when neither one wants or deserves the abuse? They just wish it would end. Stop praising the innocence in children then ignoring or making fun of the innocence in animals.

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Quote Of The Day

If you would never dream of putting newly hatched male chicks into a grinder, then never buy eggs. If you would never dream of enslaving a mother, depriving her of all her infants and slaughtering her newborn males, then never buy dairy. If you would never cut the throat of a beautiful being, chop up her young body and rip the skin off her back, then never eat meat. Stop paying others to do the very things you would never do yourself. Why won't you, can't you, don't you see the horror of eating, wearing and using non-humans?

Lachelle Julie